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Tue Feb 28 09:46:22 EST 2012

If the boat you are looking at is in a cold climate (Frost freeze cycles)  
moisture in the bilge can cause damage to the keel. Inspect carefully. Any  
damage would be apparent. All of it is repairable, but would affect the 
selling  price.
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d.whatt at yahoo.com writes:

I have  been looking at several older Rhodes and have found one that looks 
like it  could work for me.  However, I noted that the concrete ballast is 
damp  and breaking up for several inches from the top down. The owner/broker 
is  suggesting using a shop vac to pull up the soft stuff and then filling 
with  resin.  The boat sole is soft in several places and I am not sure what 
is  going on.  I can handle the sole myself but am not sure where the water  
is coming from.  If this is only a surface problem, then the vacuum and  
resin make sense.  But if there is a crack in the keel?   

Thoughts from experienced Rhodes owners will be  appreciated.   
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