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Pictures would be real helpful here.

On boats made before about 1976, the centerboard came out from the bottom only. The centerboard and rudder were identical in shape but the centerboard was much heavier (75-90lbs). Holes can be filled with thickened epoxy.

The center board pivot was a 1/2" diameter stainless steel pin. There was a hole for that pivot pin/bar bored straigh through the keelson. The c/b was installed from under and pin inserted. The ends of the pin were then glassed over, faired and painted along with the bottom. This created a problem because the pivot pin egged out the bore in the centerboard causing big problems with the c/b flopping around, etc. and the c/b needed to be removed for repair.

Some, after digging and grinding to find the pivot pin ends to make repairs to the c/b, would seal the ends of the pivot pin and cover with a stainless steel plate. 

If the previous owner filled the space in the trunk area where the c/b is supposed to retract, you should ask yourself why. Was there a hull breach in the trunk? Did he just lose his rudder in rough water and was unable to find a replacement--or too lazy or inept to make a new one and decided to make the c/b his new rudder? I would wonder.

I am not anywhere near as experienced a sailor as most here on the list, but think the boat would sail ok as just a shoal draft keel under most conditions. I would Imagine a few hundred pounds of ballast inside along the trunk would help should you go that route.

I have some pics of an old style trunk and c/b on an old computer at home which may help. They should be in the on-line list archives...somewhere in the first few months after the list was formed. If you can't find them, I will try to re-post them in a few days.

Post some pictures so we all know exactly what you are working with. And tell us where you are located.

Todd T.

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James Nichols <jfn302 at yahoo.com> wrote:


I recently acquired a '71 Rhodes 22 project boat.  My next task on the boat is going to be to put the centerboard back into the boat.  When I got the boat, the centerboard trunk had been filled in with foam.  The centerboard had actually been "converted" into a rudder.  I'm currently working on filling the extra holes that were drilled to secure it to the mount they made to connect it to the stern.

My issue with getting the rudder back in is that the '71 Rhodes has the centerboard trunk completely glassed in, there are no plates with rivets, screws or bolts at the top.  I cut a small notch out of the top that I can easily glass back in before I started removing the foam to see if maybe the cover was covered by fiberglass.  It wasn't.  It was obvious that the trunk was all one layup.

So, I found a response by John Shulick that talked about a couple of plates that need to be removed to knock out the center pin.  Does anyone have experience with the '71 glassed in CB trunk to know where to look for these plates?

Thanks in advance!


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