[Rhodes22-list] Centerboard replacement.

Graham Stewart gstewart8 at cogeco.ca
Sun Dec 15 15:07:02 EST 2013

If the rudder and the CB have the same dimensions (and I can confirm that
for you if needed as I have both the rudder and the cb in my basement) I
would tempted to use the rudder to make a mold to build a new cb adding the
ballast and structure . If you use the rudder and add weight, you still need
to build a new rudder and would not know if there is a difference in the
internal structures. So I don't see how that advances things much. Have you
checked with Stan to see if he has a used cb he can send you? That would be
the easiest option.


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 One way to turn a rudder blade into a center board would be to get 50-60
lbs of #4 lead shot and a drill. Drill from one side and stop from going all
the way through (a piece of tape wrapped around the bit is a good depth
gage) Fill holes with shot, sheet over the side and finish. 


John S

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