[Rhodes22-list] Great Lakes Voyage

Dennis mcneelyd at site-solutions.com
Mon Mar 4 20:26:20 EST 2013

That's the plan, Ron. I'm sorting out fuel & water storage, planning on
adding a small refrigerator and heater, installing a 'different' mechanism
to easily drop and raise the mast while on the water, installing a wi-fi
antenna on the mast head (and a composting head below)... 

The list is seemingly endless - but I hope to have all the bugs worked out
by the time I cast off.

Let me know if you have any scathingly brilliant ideas in planning your
trip, or stumble on any problems that might bite the unwary (that would be
me :)


s/v Magic Moments
berthed in Gibraltar, Michigan

-> original snipped for your reading pleasure :)

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Are you going to do the Loop kin your Rhodes 22?


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