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Dennis mcneelyd at site-solutions.com
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Charles -

My apologies for creating confusion. What I meant was that I will be putting
a short video on www.great-loop.us which shows the mast raising system, and
that you could stop by the site for a look if you were interested. The video
only shows the Lego mock-up; you'll have to use your imagination to envision
it operational on a Rhodes 22. 

The reason it'll take me a week or so to upload a video is that I don't know
what I'm doing. Apparently there are royalties charged for the use of mp4
files, so Firefox and Safari don't support that file type, but will support
webm or ogg files. Conversely, Internet Explorer won't support either webm
or ogg file types - but mp4 is OK. In addition, the preferred method for
posting videos is using HTML5, but older browsers don't support it, so you
have to use Flash as a fallback for them. I suppose I could just use
YouTube, but I've already got my teeth into it - and being the stubborn cuss
that I am, I'm gonna see it through.

Bottom line: the mock up isn't pretty and I'm sure the video won't be either
- but hopefully you'll get the idea. 


s/v Magic Moments
berthed in Gibraltar, Michigan

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That sounds like a fantastic system .... you pull this off and Stan might
offer you a job!!!!
seriously, I would love to see this in action. Even though I own Stan's and
probably won't change, I am fascinated by the concept you describe.
I would come by to see, but Michigan is a LOOOOOONG sail from Texas
s/v Day Dream 98 R 22
Atrlington, Texas

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