[Rhodes22-list] Great Lakes Voyage

Graham Stewart gstewart8 at cogeco.ca
Tue Mar 5 18:59:59 EST 2013

I am interested to know what others are using for a head as well. I had an
old Jabsco manual toilet that pumped into a steel tank in a compartment at
the aft end of the V birth. The tank has rusted through and I am wondering
if anyone has had to retrofit their system and if so what they used. Does
anyone know a source for the holding tank? 

Because we use the head very infrequently and am docked at my home I do not
need much capacity.  I am thinking of using the portable type although being
in Lake Ontario requires that I have to install it as a permanent fixture.
For the fall "pump out" I thought I might disassemble the fittings and bring
the tank inside to flush down my home toilet. Does anyone see a downside to
this arrangement?



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What composting head are you going to use. I was thinking about one myself,
but I wasn't sure if it would fit in the head area on the Rhodes.


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