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Michael D. Weisner mweisner at ebsmed.com
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Thanks for doing the heavy lifting, all puns intended.  At first, I said, oh
this will not work, the mast can't be lifted like that, etc. and then I
watched eht video again and concentrated on the location of the fulcrum and
the weight placed on the cabin top and then ... by golly, I think that
you're on to something!  I need to weigh and measure when the snow melts but
I think that you are correct about the attachment points and the stresses
involved.  I can't wait to get the winter tarp off my R22 and start looking
at the fixture needed to attach to the mast.  Thanks for the out of the box

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For those interested, I just uploaded a video showing the mast lowering /
raising system at http://www.great-loop.us/mast-raising. Don't expect too
much; there are grade school show and tell presentations that put this to

Please let me know if you have any questions, comments, or criticisms about
the system. Since I'm learning about how to post videos, please also let me
know if you were unable to see the video (and let me know which browser &
version you were using). Thanks!

I'll try to get the composting toilet drawing up in another week or so. I
have absolutely no artistic talent, and have to rely on rudimentary CAD
skills. It's been a while since I even fired up a CAD program, so first I'll
be staring at a blank workspace and trying to figure out how to draw &
dimension the first line. <groan> 

Stay tuned.


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I'd love to see something that makes mast raising easier--in my case,
possible--single-handed. Look forward to some details. If Stan is reading
the list, he's probably curious too.


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