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I assume that you are you talking about the hull- deck join? If so the leak
will only occur when healing or taking a large wave. The "simplest" solution
is to remove the sealant in the join and force new sealant in. Easier said
than done. I have used a small wedge to open the join a bit to allow more
sealant in. It is important to remove all of the old sealant or the new
sealant will not hold for long. Important, but also virtually impossible so
do you best. I have done this several times over 20 years so that might give
you some idea of the permanence. 

Picking the right sealant is important and also a matter that can lead to
great debates. If you use sealant like 3M 5200 or equivalent you will never
get it out again. For hull-deck joins that is usually desirable because of
the strength and, if you are putting it on fibreglass that has no silicone
trace, want to be permanent. In this case I would anticipate that you might
want to redo this fix in the future and would be inclined to use 3M 4200 or
equivalent. I would be interested to hear from others on this point.

Ultimately, because I was doing a major reconstruction and had gutted the
entire cabin, I decided to glass the entire join on the inside. That seals
it up "permanently" and gives the hull considerably less flex at the joint
which I assume is a good thing.  To do that I had to remove the rub rail and
the rivets and screws along the join as you don't want to be glassing around
these obstacles. When I reach that stage in my reconstruction I will add
bolts along the join before replacing the rub rail. If that doesn't fix the
leak once and for all, I give up.


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Hi All,
  Have a leak in my Rhodes 22.  I think most of the water is coming from the
seam where the top skin and bottom skin are joined.  First what is that seam
called?  Second, any ideas on how to repair it?

Rhodes 22, After-Math
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