[Rhodes22-list] Installing tiller lock box in cockpit coming

Mary Lou Troy mtroy at atlanticbb.net
Mon Aug 1 19:35:41 EDT 2016

Hi Olivier,
The original clips for the tiller on Fretless were (I assume) hand 
made by GB out of some sort of high density plastic to fit the 
diameter of that particular tiller extension. When they broke (sun 
exposure I think) we installed the closest clip we could find. It 
didn't fit exactly (as you know) so we wrapped the end of the tiller 
extension with rigging tape until it did. Here's a pic of Fred with 
Fretless sailing herself. You can see the rigging tape on the extension.

Good luck with finding a solution.

Mary Lou

At 04:05 PM 8/1/2016, you wrote:
>I'm trying to improve the tiller lock options for short times away 
>from the tiller. Fretless has the clip on the side rail but I've 
>found it doesn't hold that well. I've got it working for now but 
>also wanted to try installing the lockbox in the cockpit coming as 
>I've used on other boats.
>I bought the Forespar lockbox from West Marine and took it out to 
>the boat yesterday for test fitting. The problem is that, anywhere I 
>could mount the lock box in the coming will put the tiller extension 
>at a very extreme downward angle from the tiller to the lockbox. Far 
>too much of an angle to allow the tiller to be adjusted if it would 
>even lock at all. I'm sorry I didn't take pictures but the closest 
>angle I could get has to be more than 30 degrees below 
>horizontal...it was not even close.
>I know using a lockbox should work as I've seen it (and used it) on 
>other Rhodes 22s. In case it matters, my tiller extension mounts on 
>top of the tiller. I've considered whether moving it to the bottom 
>of the tiller would help, but even that wouldn't get the extension 
>near horizontal and I'm sure that would make using the extension 
>elsewhere around the cockpit impossible. I checked and the tiller 
>was all the way "down" (perpendicular to the rudder post). I'm 
>struggling to understand what could be different about the basic 
>geometry of my cockpit sides, tiller and tiller extension that makes 
>it seem impossible to use this lockbox.
>s/v Fretless
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