[Rhodes22-list] Anchoring

Rick sloopblueheron at gmail.com
Sun Aug 14 13:18:08 EDT 2016

Hi Bruce,

There's no difference between tying the anchor rode to an edge mounted
cleat and running it through an edge mounted choc.

I don't get the GB explanation for your U bolt as my cleat works just fine
for the hoist.  What I don't like about my cleat is that it sometimes
catches the jib sheet when coming about.  If your edge mounted cleats are
less likely to do that, that's a plus.


On Sat, Aug 13, 2016 at 9:38 PM, Bruce Greenwald <bgreenwald at optonline.net>

> Hi all,  There has been quite a bit written over the last few months about
> anchoring techniques but I haven’t seen a discussion of my particular
> question.  I have a 2013/14 model - my second - which is outfitted with two
> bow cleats, port and starboard, no chocks, and where in my last boat I had
> a cleat on the bow deck along the centerline I have what I can only
> describe as a u bolt which looks just like the bow lifting eye.  The GB
> explanation for this change is that it provides greater convenience and
> security in attaching the line from the mast crane when raising and
> lowering the mast.  My question is whether there is any way to run an
> anchor line other than simply tying it to one of the two bow cleats.  Note
> (if the picture attachment came thru) that the center eye is several inches
> aft of the bow cleats so if I run a line thru the eye before tying to a
> cleat the line would presumably be more on center though I don’t know what
> effect, if any, the force the eye would be running the line back to  a
> cleat.  Unless I am missing something,that setup would also require
> starting with the end of the anchor line in order to run it thru the eye
> which doesn’t seem very practical  Any thoughts? Thanks.
> Bruce Greenwald
> S/V Ruach
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