[Rhodes22-list] CDI Flexible furler

Jay Weiss jmarshallweiss11 at gmail.com
Sun Aug 28 19:59:44 EDT 2016

Live and learn.
This past week while Hudson River sailing with a non responsive outboard
(another story) we were surprised to witness our jib sliding down its
furler.  The canvass loop at the head of the sail that attached it to its
halyard's shackle had failed. We removed the sail from the furler and sent
it to the sail maker, who said that the loop was unprotected from the sun's
UV radiation even as the rest of the furled sail was protected by a cover.
He replaced it and returned it.
Now the question:
It appears that I only need to place the bolt of the sail into the slot of
the furler (near the deck) and slide it up toward the mast head and there
attach it to the shackle that's remains there. The deck end of the halyard
is then tightened around a cleat beside the drum as is the tack of the
sail.  Is that right?  (I'll be using a bosun's chair.) Ordinarily a jib
halyard is lowered to deck level, attached to the head of the sail, and the
sail then raised and the line secured on deck or on the mast. The CDI
furler doesn't seem to work that way?  I purchased the boat used with its
furler and foresail already installed so I'm totally unfamiliar with how it

Jay Marshall Weiss
Poughkeepsie, NY
1998 R-22

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