[Rhodes22-list] Old R22 cockpit sole pic - I cut it out :(

Graham Stewart gstewart8 at cogeco.ca
Sun Apr 1 11:04:14 EDT 2018

Thanks so much for posting the picture of the open cockpit sole. I have
wanted to know what was down there and how it was constructed. I tore my
foredeck apart because of squishiness thinking that I had rot in the core
only to discover that the deck skin had simply delaminated. I posted
pictures of what I found if anyone is interested. It could have been fixed
by injecting epoxy - a much, much, much easier process. Still, you don't
know if you don't look. 

The bulkheads at either end of my cockpit has rot in them but the floor
itself was solid so I decided not to tear off the floor. I added a bulkhead
at the cabin end that was preserved and epoxy covered and similarly repaired
the bulkhead at the lazarette end.  I feel more comfortable about that
decision not to remove the sole now that I have your work description and


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I haven't posted here in a while but my boat has been waiting for me in
storage to get it ready for the water again. My first project is to fix the
spongy cockpit sole. (This boat is from early 70's). So I cut out the raised
portion not really knowing what I'd find but expecting waterlogged plywood.
Anyway turns out I was sure wrong. It is solid fiberglass with a box-like
bulkhead structure underneath with a 2x4 going laterally. And full of pieces
of foam!!  So now I am going to make new bulkheads and redo and install the
same piece of glass back over the new box. So the reason it was spongy was
not waterlogged core as it had no core. It was delamination between the sole
and the bulkheads/box. It also looks like some of the tabbing for the
bulkheads has come loose. Anyway just thought I'd share how my boat was put
together like 45 years ago.

Fair winds and following seas .....  Steve Raye
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