[Rhodes22-list] Mast Crutch

Mark Olson Mark-Olson at verizon.net
Mon Apr 16 04:37:58 EDT 2018

I have been raising my mast without a crutch. I have one person stand at the
stern and raise it then hold as I tighten the winch which then takes over.

But I think a crutch would be much better.  I've looked and there are good
ideas of what to build but I don't see any mention of height.  Does anyone
have an opinion what a good minimum would be?

I'm thinking of using it for transporting as I only move it twice a year. 
Once to Nyack, NY and once back.  The trip is about 35 miles.  I'm not sure
what the clearance is on the route so I want to know the minimum that would
work well.

Mark Olson
S/V Satchmo

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