[Rhodes22-list] Request for a Rhodes 22 tour in Michigan

Dan Stricof dstricof at gmail.com
Thu Apr 19 18:59:07 EDT 2018


I will likely be launching my Rhodes 22 after about a one mile drive from
our marine storage area onto Lake Leelanau on May 18th or 19th, weather
permitting. Once I place it in its shore station which is about two miles
away, I hope the same day to raise the mast. But I won't be re-trailering
the R22 after that for quite a while. Compared to other sailboats I have
owned the R22 gets used a lot more as it is so easy to get setup for
sailing with the IMF main sail and roller reefing jib.

It is also pretty easy to raise and lower the mast with the system Stan has
created, but fortunately for me, once I raise the mast it stays up for the
summer.  As far as trailer use, it seems pretty easy too considering the
size of boat. I had a friend tow it from North Carolina (where I purchased
it without ever seeing in person or sailing a Rhodes 22) a couple of
summers ago using my V6 Toyota Highlander which has a towing capacity of
5000lbs. He reported no significant issues with that relatively long haul.
My trailer is a used/refurbished single axel that I purchased from Stan.

Dan Stricof
dstricof at gmail.com

On Thu, Apr 19, 2018 at 9:44 AM, Scott Yellig <scott.yellig at gmail.com>

> Hello,
> Stan Spitzer suggested that I contact the members of this mailing list to
> find a current Rhodes owner nearby.
> I live in Holland, MI. If you sail a Rhodes near me and are willing to show
> me what it is like to trailer, launch, sail and retrieve a Rhodes then
> please contact me.
> Thank you,
> Scott
> scott.yellig at gmail.com
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