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Robert Louis Weiss rweiss at siu.edu
Sun Apr 22 15:10:19 EDT 2018

My Recycled in 2014 Rhodes cushion arrangement is your second diagram.  And cushions A and C are then switched in position when you put them down for the double bunk.


Beach Spring, Recycled 2014

Robert L Weiss Jr.
Director of Music
First United Methodist Carbondale, IL
Professor Emeritus, SIUC
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I am in the process of ordering new inside cushions for the main cabin and was curious to know what arrangement for the cushions is used today by most Rhodies.

I have attached drawings for two alternative layouts and would be appreciative of any suggestions as to which might be better. The first diagram (final) with three cushions along the hull reflects the arrangement when I got the boat but I don't know if that was the original layout. The second one (revised B) where there is a single long cushion along the hull seems to reflect what I have noticed in some pictures of other Rhodes 22s and would be less expensive.

Thanks to all.

Graham Stewart
Agile. R22, 1976
Kingston Ontario Canada

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