[Rhodes22-list] Servicing a centerboard from inside on the trailer

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The tension on the centerboard pennant must be released.  The centerboard
should rest on the trailer roller (or the axle).  At that point, you need to
remove the centerboard pennant hose clamp and then you should be able to
maneuver the trunk cover forward to clear the rear obstruction.  When
reassembling, be careful not to jam the centerboard line on the cover,
gasket or other items.

s/v Wind Lass  ('91)
Nissequogue River, NY

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In preparation from my third season with my 1989 R22 I decided to open up
trunk and figure out why the board is so loose laterally. Because you
know.... that clunk, clunk, clunk when the board is not under load just
doesn't sound very healthy.  From my reading and looking at the trunk I
think this is the newer diamond shaped board, but not positive. 

After reading all the posts I could find on the subject (which we very
detailed but not really on my topic) I have managed to remove the furniture,
remove all the 1/4"  bolts, and loosen the trunk from the gasket.  But am
unable to removed the trunk I now I realize that there does not appear to be
a way to remove the trunk with the board retracted as the aft upper corner
of the trunk goes under the bulkhead a couple of inches.   

I had always read that the R22 boards can be serviced with the boat on the
trailer.  ie. the board remaining retracted during the service.   Am I
wrong, or did I miss something stupid that someone can explain to me? 

Pictures of my centerboard trunk below.   

Talbot    978 801 1602

Talbot Pratt
S/V  "Remains Nameless"
Red bank, NJ  978 801 1602
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