[Rhodes22-list] Servicing a centerboard from inside on the trailer

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The gasket material specs and source are referenced in one of my old posts:

I do not remember the pin being made of anything other than stainless steel
tubing.  I am not sure if you are looking at something "new" from Stan in an
attempt to continuously improve the design.  I am not sure if UHMWPE is
better suited for this purpose.

BTW, the clunking sound may be associated with vertical travel of the
centerboard rather than lateral motion and the hose fillers may help dampen
that motion.

s/v Wind Lass ('91)
Nissequogue River, NY

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Thanks Mike, Great instructions, worked perfectly. I just didn't nudge it
hard enough the first time.  Now that I have it all apart I'd like to check
about a few part I"m looking at.  Just to make sure I'm headed for the
correct mark.  

Reference this picture:
The pin is made out of that old phenolic wood  material they used to make
pulleys from.  So I suspect its pretty old.  The center is like new but the
ends that contact the fiberglass groove are a little worn. It also fits
sloppily into the hole in the board.   So I will replace it with that
Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMW-PE) somebody mentioned.  Also
there appears to be another bearing surface insert added to my centerboard
off-center from the existing hole. It looks like a partial moon in the
picture and is made of the same phenolic  material .  Is that normal?  

I'm going to put a new gasket on, even though this one looks fine.  Somebody
mentioned "Neoprene Rubber Thickness: 3/16 Width: 6 Length"  So I will order
that unless there is a more appropriate product. 

i want to replace the Pendant with new line.  The line used really held up
nicely, but it's old.  What is the best wearing type of line to use for
this?     It appears the length to the T handle in the cockpit determines
the proper down centerboard position. So I will copy the length I have.  

Reference this picture:
Finally, I undertook this project because the board was clunking back and
forth when down and unloaded.  I will add those 5/8" hoses in the
centerboard pin slot that come back up to the trunk cover.  But it does not
appear that they will have a lot of effect when the board is down.  instead
it looks like the fat part along the top of the board, the part that never
comes out of the centerboard well when the board is down, is what reduces
the the clunking. Is there any trick to tightening up the space between the
fat part of the board and the centerboard well in order to reduce the
lateral movement.  i tried measuring the board and well width, but the
dimensions varied too much to get an accurate reading of the gap.  

Thanks again, Talbot

Talbot Pratt
S/V  "Remains Nameless"
Red bank, NJ  978 801 1602
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