[Rhodes22-list] boom hitting back stays

S/V Lark Colealexander at hotmail.com
Thu Aug 1 19:24:00 EDT 2019

I forgot my tape measure Wednesday, but by eyeball the space between the pop
top and gooseneck slides look similar.    The mast looks fairly straight,
but hanging a plumb bob from the lift when the boat is trim so the boot
stripe is even might help confirm that.   On my boat the boom lift is left
tied to the stainless eyestrap.   I never disconnect it, it does chafe the
mainsail on the run down from the masthead at times, if run to the block in
the port deckhouse and aft to the cockpit cleat.   If cruising I might use
the mast cleat like I would with the pop top tent.   For day sailing I tack
so often I doubt it will damage the sail, and I often adjust boom height for
weather and passengers.   Eliminating the shackle and using the bent strap
for the lift might gain half an inch.   I have about a fist clearance
between my boom and the backstays.   One obvious question, have you checked
the length of your boom extrusion?   At full extension there is about a fist
of outhaul at the clew on my boat.

Good luck with this frustrating problem.    If nobody beats me I’ll measure
the Lark next time.

Regarding tension, I don’t think you will flex the hull much like you might
on other designs of this vintage, but you cannot ask the rig to perform like
a high performance racing machine either.    I doubt mine is 200 pounds, but
never checked.   Maybe it is??.   I tighten as much as I can and retighten
after a couple sails in stiff wind.   I tighten the backstay line every
couple weeks, especially before going out in wind.   


Alex Cole
S/V Lark
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