[Rhodes22-list] boom hitting back stays

Jesse Shumaker jesse.laten.shumaker at gmail.com
Sun Aug 4 22:54:20 EDT 2019

A few updates:
- My boom extends 123" from the mast - this is in response to some of the
- Lowering the boom car so that it rests directly on top of the pop top
cover solved the issue of the boom hitting the backstays.  Previously, there
was ~1" between the boom car and the pop top car.  I think I will drill
another hole in the mast so that the boom pin can be in the mast at this
height as well.  Right now it's all resting on the pop top cover pin.  
- I plan to adjust how the topping lift attaches to the boom based on
feedback from the group.
- Since the consensus is that it's fine to leave the topping lift on and
just let it slack when needed, I tied on a couple of blocks and then ran the
topping lift through an unused cleat on the port side at the front of the
cockpit.  Then I can adjust the topping lift without having to go forward
and tie a cleat hitch on the horn cleat.  The new setup is convenient.
- I riveted on a eye strap to the boom in preparation for adding a vang. 
I'd like the option to use that to help keep the boom down.  I know there's
been a lot of discussion about that in the past so I'll be mining the
archives for details.

A few photos are attached.  It is a relief to have this issue resolved. 
Thanks for the input!

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