[Rhodes22-list] boom hitting back stays

Jesse Shumaker jesse.laten.shumaker at gmail.com
Wed Aug 7 22:22:57 EDT 2019

It appears that my boom is a little over 6" longer than standard.  As far as
I know it came from the factory that way.  As you can see from the attached
photos, there is excess distance between the end of the main and the end of
the boom.  The Doyle sail was a replacement, but cut for a Rhodes 22.  I
suppose some day if I was getting ambitious I could shorten the boom. 
However, since lowering the boom a bit seems to solve the issue then I'll
probably just leave it as is.  After some feedback earlier in this thread,
I've swapped out the carabiner on the end of the topping lift for a shackle
that connects directly to the top of the end of the boom.  I moved the other
tang down so the snap shackle for the main sheet connects to both tangs. 


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