[Rhodes22-list] tiller extension that led to a crack in the fiberglass tiller

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The fiberglass tillers were introduced within the last few years.  I would
ask Stan if the warranty is still in effect as long as the crack is due to a
manufacturing defect.

s/v Wind Lass ('91)
Nissequogue River, NY

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My boat has a fiberglass tiller.  There is a Forespar tiller extension that
has stripped out of the tiller.  There is also a small crack in the tiller
that originates from the tiller extension.

I'm considering putting in a different tiller extension that may have a more
secure installation.  If the new extension uses a larger hole then I may
drill out the existing hole.  Or I could epoxy the existing hole and drill a
new hole.  

I'm concerned about the crack growing.  I had considered putting something
for extra support around the tiller extension, such as some strong tape or a
hose clamp.  The hose clamp would be strong but it would have a screw which
could catch on things.

I think the tiller extension would be really helpful to be able to hike out
when things get lively.  I would really prefer to keep the existing tiller
as long as possible.

Any suggestions before I proceed with repairs?


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