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Lowe, Rob rlowe at vt.edu
Wed Dec 15 09:31:31 EST 2021

The socket for the table is a standard RV type.  Here is but one example. - rob

Table Leg Base, Flush Mount - RV Supply Warehouse<https://www.rvsupplywarehouse.com/rv-accessories-for-your-rv-type/pop-up-campers/table-leg-base-flush-mount/>
Table Leg Base, Flush Mount. Recessed Round 6 Mounting Holes Strong, lightweight aluminum mounting hubs.

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You are correct. To steer I had to stand on the cockpit seats either beside
or behind the wheel. I'm looking forward to having a tiller once again. Now
I just have to patch the big hole in the cockpit sole. By the way, anyone
have a source for the socket that mounts in the cockpit (and cabin) sole to
support the table?

Also, I've now uncovered what was a significant source of the rainwater in
the bilge: the wheel pedestal. While it may have been sealed to the cockpit
sole at one time, it has clearly been leaking for many years. Oh, and I
just want to say that reaching under the cockpit to remove the bolts for
the pedestal was not fun. At all.


Boston, MA

2000 R22 *Luna Mia*

On Tue, Dec 14, 2021 at 9:11 PM Peter Nyberg <peter at sunnybeeches.com> wrote:

> Mark,
> Congratulations. I certainly agree that none of those items belong on a
> Rhodes 22.
> I'm particularly puzzled by the wheel.  From the pictures, it looks like
> there wasn't room to either stand or sit behind it.
> --Peter
> > On 2021-12-14, at 18:59:52 EST, Mark Whipple wrote:
> >
> > Today was a great day for my 2001 R22, Luna Mia. Yesterday wasn't bad,
> either.
> >
> > Today I completely removed the wheel pedestal and all of the associated
> > hardware. Yesterday the saildrive engine came out. Next may be the Hoyt
> boom for
> > the self-tending jib, but that may have to wait a bit. I need to get a
> few other
> > things done before trailering my boat from Boston up to central Maine to
> be
> > painted.
> >
> > All three of these things (saildrive, wheel and self-tending jib) seemed
> kind of
> > cool and unique when I bought the boat. But after sailing it a bit I
> realized
> > that none of them fit with the kind of boat I wanted and the way I like
> to sail.
> > The big issue with the saildrive is maintenance, since the manufacturer
> in
> > Sweden is out of business.
> >
> > If anyone is interested in any of the three (saildrive, wheel and Hoyt
> boom)
> > send me a direct message. I'm not really interested in shipping, but
> maybe
> > something could be worked out. The Hoyt boom would be the most
> straightforward
> > to install, followed by the wheel pedestal (which comes with engine
> controls and
> > two wheels) and lastly the saildrive, which would be a major project.
> I'm
> > expecting the later will appeal to those who have a Yamaha 15hp and
> could use
> > the parts.
> >
> > Making progress on making the boat my own!
> >
> > Mark
> >
> > Boston, MA
> >
> > 2000 R22 *Luna Mia*

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