[Rhodes22-list] So I can sleep...

Rob Granger rgranger at sbc.edu
Sat Feb 25 09:36:02 EST 2012

Hey Joe

I have one of those slat things... it came with my Rhodes and it is now in
the shed.  It is a slatted platform that sits on the cockpit sole when
underway.  It has some "ears" that fold out when you want to put it across
the cockpit well and make it all one level.  Mine is a bit beat up but
should still serve as a good starting point for your project.

I'm going to head out to the shed with a camera and a tape measure and I'll
post some pics later today.

-- the other rob

On Sat, Feb 25, 2012 at 9:15 AM, Joe Camp <jjcampjr at yahoo.com> wrote:

> Rummy and the rest:
>      Here's my plan:  I will not have cushions, because I have no bench
> cushions to make that logical, and I see them as an unnecessary comfort and
> money I don't need to spend. The boat sails very well with my ass is on the
> hard seat.  I'll just make a wooden insert system on which I can throw down
> a pad or something to keep us off the deck with room to move.  I read the
> previous post with the 1 X 6 planks, and that seems like a possible path to
> tread.  I also liked the suggestion of a two-man tent atop the planks as a
> shield from weather and insects.
>      We will not overnight often, but when we do, we want to enjoy the
> experience.  Being a pragmatist (occasionally) I wanted to get the
> collective opinion of this informed body before I try anything and later
> regret having ignored a certain alternate path.  I had been leaning toward
> the 1 X6 solution (easy fitting with a bit of custom jig saw work).  But, I
> wanted to hear the  "buzz" from you all before I did anything.
> And I still invite more expert opinion.  If this group ran NASA, we'd be
> on Mars by now (in a Rhodes 22 spacecraft).
> Joe

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