[Rhodes22-list] Centerboard replacement.

James Nichols jfn302 at yahoo.com
Thu Dec 12 11:40:26 EST 2013


I recently acquired a '71 Rhodes 22 project boat.  My next task on the boat is going to be to put the centerboard back into the boat.  When I got the boat, the centerboard trunk had been filled in with foam.  The centerboard had actually been "converted" into a rudder.  I'm currently working on filling the extra holes that were drilled to secure it to the mount they made to connect it to the stern.

My issue with getting the rudder back in is that the '71 Rhodes has the centerboard trunk completely glassed in, there are no plates with rivets, screws or bolts at the top.  I cut a small notch out of the top that I can easily glass back in before I started removing the foam to see if maybe the cover was covered by fiberglass.  It wasn't.  It was obvious that the trunk was all one layup.

So, I found a response by John Shulick that talked about a couple of plates that need to be removed to knock out the center pin.  Does anyone have experience with the '71 glassed in CB trunk to know where to look for these plates?

Thanks in advance!


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