[Rhodes22-list] Centerboard replacement.

Art Czerwonky cover-man at comcast.net
Fri Dec 13 12:18:01 EST 2013


I applaud your courage and intuition, as the rework project is no easy task, even for the well experienced. 

Re the centerboard, you probably know that Stan did a redesign of the centerboard with a metal blade construction.  While there will always be conjecture about whether it improved performance, there is no question that the new approach worked well with the same R22 hull.  So, who is to say that your own unique CB would not work well.  You can discover any of your dimensions from the boat CB trunk, as you would want the pulley array to have clearance for raising or lowering the CB easily.

One valuable capability of our fleet sailors is the ability to be helpful and creative with R22 systems, and everyone is interested in being helpful to the other fleet members.


Art Czerwonky
s/v MaryJane
Atlanta/St Pete

On Dec 13, 2013 11:12 AM, James Nichols <jfn302 at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Hey Lee, 
> >From what I have read in another post by Stan is that the boats from this particular year, constructed in this manner were most likely built by Lofland here in Wichita. 
> Been working pretty hard on gutting the insides, and that project is pretty much finished, so now it's on to the structural things. 
> As for experience, I'm am experienced in construction, cabinetry, sewing, etc.  My father-in-law who is my partner on this project has years and years of experience in working with fiberglass, so between the two of us, we have the ability to tackle pretty much anything we come across. 
> I think I just found a local source for wood that I am getting ready to check out, I'll get pictures uploaded this evening to show exactly what I am dealing with. 
> James 
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