[Rhodes22-list] Use of traveler?

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I'm by no means a seasoned sailor, but I'm working on getting there.  I've only sailed dingies so far.

However, I watched a video on how to improve your sailing and in that video, when sailing downwind, they moved the Vang from the base of the mast to the stay at the side rail.  They mentioned that this was to prevent accidental jibes.  Seems like using this method while sailing downwind would be feasible with the poptop up as well because the Vang isn't trying to go through the poptop to get to it's mount location, it would also add a measure of safety because the boom won't accidentally swing around to the other side if the wind shifts just a little.

There have been times sailing dingies that I have wished I could have done this exact thing, but alas I need to wait till I have my Rhodes on the water.

Any thoughts on what the video mentioned?


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The basic idea is that the mainsheet lets the sail out while the travellercontrols the shape.When going to windward sail shape is what matters and when going downwindthe sail area is all that matters. Keeping the traveller block under the boom flattens the sail. Having thetraveller block on the high side of the boom gives the sail some twist.Twist tends to dump air which reduces heel while a flat sail, especiallywhen going downwind  tends to increase the area of the sail caught by thewind. A boom vang flattens the sail far more effectively than the travellerwill when going downwind but can be a pain to rig and is not feasible if yousail with the pop top up.Upwind: I suggest that you play with you traveller and watch the tell talesand luff of the main sail. If you don't have tell tales on the leech of yourmainsail, adding them will be very helpful until you get to know the propershape. You will see the effect of moving the traveller very clearly andafter
 a bit it will all make sense. Keep in mind that sailing"inefficiently" (by letting the mainsail out so that it is dumping air) youcan lessen the heel on windy day so the "proper shape" depends largely onwhat you want - maximum speed or maximum comfort. Downwind: When going off the wind let the traveller out as far as it will goto flatten the sail. Then let the sail out with the mainsheet until the boomis about 90 degrees to the wind. Have fun.Graham -----Original Message-----From: rhodes22-list-bounces at rhodes22.org[mailto:rhodes22-list-bounces at rhodes22.org] On Behalf Of Chris CowieSent: December-26-13 11:31 AMTo: rhodes22-list at rhodes22.orgSubject: Re: [Rhodes22-list] Use of traveler?Lee provides a good description and link for using the traveler.  I alwayspull the traveler to windward on a close haul, sailing as tight as I caninto the wind.  In a tight channel sailing up wind I release the travelerbefore each tack so it is in positing for the next
 point of sail as I makemy way up the channel.  The new traveler stan is testing allows for easyadjustment from one side to the other and no hanging lines to have to dealwith.--View this message in context:http://rhodes-22.1065344.n5.nabble.com/Use-of-traveler-tp47364p47367.htmlSent from the Rhodes 22 mailing list archive at Nabble.com.__________________________________________________To subscribe/unsubscribe go tohttp://www.rhodes22.org/mailman/listinfo/rhodes22-listFor the list Charter and help with using the mailing list and archives go tohttp://www.rhodes22.org/list__________________________________________________---This email is free from viruses and malware because avast! Antivirus protection is active.http://www.avast.com__________________________________________________To subscribe/unsubscribe go to http://www.rhodes22.org/mailman/listinfo/rhodes22-listFor the list Charter and help with using the mailing list and archives go to

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