[Rhodes22-list] Use of traveler?

Graham Stewart gstewart8 at cogeco.ca
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The basic idea is that the mainsheet lets the sail out while the traveller
controls the shape.

When going to windward sail shape is what matters and when going downwind
the sail area is all that matters. 

Keeping the traveller block under the boom flattens the sail. Having the
traveller block on the high side of the boom gives the sail some twist.
Twist tends to dump air which reduces heel while a flat sail, especially
when going downwind  tends to increase the area of the sail caught by the
wind. A boom vang flattens the sail far more effectively than the traveller
will when going downwind but can be a pain to rig and is not feasible if you
sail with the pop top up.

Upwind: I suggest that you play with you traveller and watch the tell tales
and luff of the main sail. If you don't have tell tales on the leech of your
mainsail, adding them will be very helpful until you get to know the proper
shape. You will see the effect of moving the traveller very clearly and
after a bit it will all make sense. Keep in mind that sailing
"inefficiently" (by letting the mainsail out so that it is dumping air) you
can lessen the heel on windy day so the "proper shape" depends largely on
what you want - maximum speed or maximum comfort. 

Downwind: When going off the wind let the traveller out as far as it will go
to flatten the sail. Then let the sail out with the mainsheet until the boom
is about 90 degrees to the wind. 

Have fun.


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Lee provides a good description and link for using the traveler.  I always
pull the traveler to windward on a close haul, sailing as tight as I can
into the wind.  In a tight channel sailing up wind I release the traveler
before each tack so it is in positing for the next point of sail as I make
my way up the channel.  The new traveler stan is testing allows for easy
adjustment from one side to the other and no hanging lines to have to deal

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