[Rhodes22-list] Great Lakes Voyage

Keith A Clark clarkka at dteenergy.com
Mon Mar 4 21:32:06 EST 2013

I have been sailing the northern part of Lake Michigan which is called Green Bay for many years.  Little Bay de Noc and the northern tip of the Door Peninsula in Wisconsin in particular.  I had a friend once say, " the boat can take more than you can".  I was out in very large waves, they were smal  when we left port, (made bad decision to leave port) , and will leave it at that.  While surfing down a wave we turtled and my tiller board cracked in half. Don't worry, the 82 had a plywood core which was compromised with water, thus the failure.   Luckily I was close to shore and ended up beaching it with great pleasure. Bring a sea anchor just in case you get caught.  The boat will handle the trip I am sure.  But will you?.   The Rhodes sheds the waves very well resulting in a much drier sail than other boats.  The Great Lakes waves are nothing like the ocean.  They are short, fast and steep.  Bottom line, in the Great Lakes, "a mans got to know his limitations".  I have learned to stay an extra day and wait it out.  In Michigan, just wait a half hour and and the weather will change  Take your time, don't be in a hurry to get to work on Monday like me.  If your in the area, give a shout out and come and stay at the Gladstone Harbor. I'll buy you one or two or three.    

"Gloria J"  82  ,  

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