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Holy Crap!  Is Stan okay?  Do you know what he is doing in the hospital?  Has anyone else heard from him?  

Wish I could join you in Edenton.  It is an interesting place to be sure.  I am one of the lucky few that have gotten to stay in the General Boats Hilton. 

Bill W.
s/v Fina Lee

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Happy Easter!!!!
I am heading to Rhodes University on April 3rd to learn all I can about
"The Red Boat" , a late eighties recycle I bought. It has been years
(decades) since I started up the long and winding path to reach "Rhodie
Conscience-ness". Thanks to all who have helped guide me along this
sometimes bumpy course. If anyone on the list is interested in being a
guest professor at RU while I am there, please come and join me for some
sailing on the sound. I could really use the education. I should be there
for a week or so. Also, any East Coasters willing to teach *Rhodes 101* ,
on their own campus, please contact my email as well.
P.S. The last email I received from Stan was on March 25th. He was writing
from a hospital in Baltimore.

If you recognize my name/email, I have benefitted from you in some way,
Thanks Jim
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