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Robert Louis Weiss rweiss at siu.edu
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You are welcome to reference my boat. I don't know if they made note of the changes I required or not, as I marked the back third of the cover that I returned to them for changes and they simply made those adjustments.

The middle section of my cover was fine. But I did take pictures of my "life rails" and sent them since I wanted to make sure they allowed for those which are an option.

The bow section of the cover was not perfect, but I didn't send it back for adjustments. If I were having them make a cover now, I would make sure they have accurate measurements for placement of the bow pulpit -- my cover does not have great fittings there. I did manage to get the cover on good enough, but it could be better. They also must not expect or understand the IMF, as the front section is constructed to be held up by the main halyard, which does not exist on the IMF. So the cover could have a better shape.

The back third of the cover is the one I returned with markings for them to correct. While it was long enough to cover the stern, the cutouts were not even close to fitting my boat. If they have notes on my changes, that might help, otherwise you may want to sent photos and measurements to ensure a better fit. I had them close up some cuts and add some others.

The good thing is they stand by their work and were willing to make changes that I marked on the cover. It just cost me a bit to send that back third to them.

Otherwise, I am pleased with the cover. The material is great and the large zippers make it easy for me to get onto my boat in the winter to check it.


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I have since gotten a quote from them and wonder if you can provide any
more specifics about the adjustments you required.  I intend to have a
conversation and reference your boat (assuming that is OK with you but
would like to make sure I raise all your issues.  I am also getting a
quote from Wm Mills in Greenport but am assuming they will be a lot more
expensive. Thanks

Bruce Greenwald
S/V Ruach II

On Wed, Oct 28, 2015 at 11:24 AM, The Rhodes 22 Email List wrote:

> I bought a cover from this place last year for my newly recycled
> Rhodes
> because I wanted a mast-up in the water cover made specifically for
> this
> boat. They evidently did not have recent measurements because while I
> managed to cover the boat for the winter with what they sent, the bow
> did
> not fit right and the stern was no where close to being right. But to
> their
> credit, I talked to the owner at the Chicago Strictly Sail show and he
> told
> me how to mark and cut the cover to show where I wanted it changed and
> I
> sent the back 1/3 part back to them and they fixed it. At least I
> think they
> did. I haven't put the cover on this year yet, but I'm assuming that
> if he
> did what I asked it will fit better. The bow 1/3 I decided I could
> make
> work, but not the way he envisioned. So, hopefully they learned a bit
> from
> my adjustments and you will get a better fit. But at least they
> guarantee
> the product and will adjust it if needed. You might mention the
> problem I
> have with the bow pulpit and ask them to get measurements from you and
> do a
> better job on that also. The cover is a great material and the way I
> attach
> it works well. The boat stayed clean and was easy to access via the
> zippers
> before I had to remove it. Expensive, yes. But worth it to me.
> Bob
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