[Rhodes22-list] Used old style main sail for IMF

cjlowe cjlowe at sssnet.com
Sun Apr 1 20:25:41 EDT 2018

 Due to advancing years, I'm starting to do goofy things.(yea, lets blame it
on advancing years)  I sent a member a main sail instead of a 130 jib. He
offered to send it on to somebody who needs it, so I don't have to eat the
shipping cost twice.
 This is the old style main for the IMF mast, NOT the vertical batten, newer
style. The sail is at least 15 years old and has sat in my basement for the
last  8 years in a sail bag. It was starting to get a little baggy, but
should last a few seasons.
  Any offers?

  Jerry Lowe

  Country Rhodes '86

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