[Rhodes22-list] Trailer Rebuild

Michael Corley michael.4591 at gmail.com
Mon Apr 23 13:22:48 EDT 2018

Good question, a friend who has seen the trailer asked me that too.  Stan
told me years ago; "You don't sail the trailer."
I guess mainly its age, 23 plus years, and the rust that is showing on the
axle, leaf springs and wheels and the coupler is angling upward. For the
last 19 years I have used the trailer primarily for winter storage with
occasional trips to Edenton for the boat to get worked on.  It is down
there now and I will use it to haul boat back and launch in a week or two.
Had the brakes redone locally in 2008, re-carpeted the boards, and some
welding in 2013. Now that I am retired I want to do some trailer sailing in
the Chesapeake and along the Carolina Coasts as well as some inland lakes.
Maybe take it to Miami/Key West next winter.
I guess I am thinking better safe than sorry.  Problems on the road are
disruptive and expensive!

S/V Ranger
99 Rhodes
Hampton Roads, VA

On Fri, Apr 20, 2018 at 1:13 PM, Graham Stewart <gstewart8 at cogeco.ca> wrote:

> So what is wrong with the trailer now that makes you think it needs a
> rebuild?
> Graham Stewart
> Agile. R22, 1976
> Kingston Ontario Canada
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> I am planning on refurbishing my 1990 something Triad galvanized single
> axel trailer this summer so I can do some trailer sailing this fall.
> Looking for suggestions and comments.
> Contacted Michael Orro at Triad in Raleigh, NC. Read article on trailer
> maintenance in Practical Sailor that quoted him extensively. Received
> estimate of $1611 to replace axle & springs, 3 wheels & tires, brakes,
> brake actuator and assorted parts.
> He recommends I go with disk brakes versus current drum brakes and a
> heavier axle rated at 6,000 lbs.  Recommendations and estimate seem
> reasonable to me.
> Mike Corley
> S/V Ranger
> 99 Rhodes
> Hampton Roads, VA
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