[Rhodes22-list] New mainsail woes

Joe Camp jjcampjr at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 23 16:11:16 EDT 2018

Hey Rhodies:

     I had to order a new mainsail. That was easy enough, however installing it and making it work is another matter. This is a different layout that my other sails. The webbing loops at the attachment points is really thick.  It was tough to get it to work with the hardware from the sail we removed. But, we got is in and wound up.

     On the boat, we were barely able to furl and unfurl. The sail, at the boom, seems to wind at a slightly different rate that at the head, causing it to crowd up the mast space at the bottom.  At the head, the big webbing strap catches and prevents furling and unfurling without a rigorous two man operation.  Has anyone faced these issues when installing a new sail?  It's past splash-day, and I want a wet boat.  Thanks.

Joe Camp

SV John Dawson

Still on the hard in Hatboro, PA.

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