[Rhodes22-list] Servicing a centerboard from inside on the trailer

Graham Stewart gstewart8 at cogeco.ca
Wed Apr 25 09:56:12 EDT 2018

Getting the right neoprene is obviously the preferred route but if you are
only able to find neoprene in thinner stock you can layer multiple pieces to
get the thickness that you want. In my case I had access to 1/8" material
and found after some experimentation that 3M Hi Tack #76 spray adhesive does
an excellent job of sticking the layers together. It bonds tenaciously but
remains flexible.

That said, the gasket did not work very well for me for reasons that remain
unclear. Some previous owner appears to have cut the flange back on the
trunk and cover reducing the area the seals. I also think that the neoprene
that I was using might have been too hard - I assume it comes in various
degrees of softness. 

Using sealant is a huge problem as when it cures it is extremely difficult
to remove the cap in future and can squeeze into the centerboard area where
it can gum up the pulleys that are used with the centreboard tether. 

In the end I had to add a strip of butyl tape to both sides of the neoprene
to get a proper seal. Butyl makes an excellent seal, never hardens (there is
no "open time to worry about), is less fluid and therefore does not squeeze
out like sealant and has very low adhesive properties so the parts can be
removed without difficulty. I realize that using any sealant is a sacrilege
but if you have no reasonable alternative, it seems to me that the best
choice is butyl. It worked well in my case.

Graham Stewart
Agile. R22, 1976
Kingston Ontario Canada

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Hi Luis,
I have found and ordered a larger than required piece (minimum size order)
from a rubber supply company. Will compare to my old gasket when it arrives
and let you know all is good.  I can then cut a slice off for you and send
it directly from here

Anybody know what type of line works best for a centerboard pendant?


Talbot Pratt
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