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I am in for the axle upsize.  I stayed with 3500 because in Colorado a
larger size automatically required that I add brakes so I stayed cheap.
New dexter e z lube flexed so much that the inward tilt of the tires (top
in) at day one disturbed me.  I had to go to a machine shop to add camber
to the axle to expect reasonable tire wear. As I have posted actual weights
before my axle weight is very close to 3500.  I emailed dexter axles
customer service and inquired what average weight they target when setting
the axle curvature but got no reply.

On Monday, April 23, 2018, Michael D. Weisner <mweisner at ebsmed.com> wrote:

> Mike,
> If the coupler is not straight I would replace the extension portion and
> put
> a new coupler on it.  My 1981 extension failed as I was backing the trailer
> and boat down a ramp.  When I applied the brakes, the front of the trailer
> went up as the stern came very close to the tarmac.  The extension bar bent
> mid span.  When the vehicle motion stopped, the tongue weight brought the
> bow back down and bent the extension bar back.  With a 20 pound persuader I
> was able to slide the bar back into the receiver and launch without the
> extension at high tide an hour later.  Once the trailer was home, it was a
> simple matter to replace the 2"x2" bar stock and attach a Walmart coupler
> (non-braking) with screws.
> I am not sure what the Triad trailer with coupler activated brakes is like
> so I am not sure if it may fail in a similar matter.  Does it extend for
> launch and recovery?  How would that be done with hydraulic brakes?
> Mike
> s/v Wind Lass  ('91)
> Nissequogue River, NY
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> Good question, a friend who has seen the trailer asked me that too.  Stan
> told me years ago; "You don't sail the trailer."
> I guess mainly its age, 23 plus years, and the rust that is showing on the
> axle, leaf springs and wheels and the coupler is angling upward. For the
> last 19 years I have used the trailer primarily for winter storage with
> occasional trips to Edenton for the boat to get worked on.  It is down
> there now and I will use it to haul boat back and launch in a week or two.
> Had the brakes redone locally in 2008, re-carpeted the boards, and some
> welding in 2013. Now that I am retired I want to do some trailer sailing in
> the Chesapeake and along the Carolina Coasts as well as some inland lakes.
> Maybe take it to Miami/Key West next winter.
> I guess I am thinking better safe than sorry.  Problems on the road are
> disruptive and expensive!
> Mike
> S/V Ranger
> 99 Rhodes
> Hampton Roads, VA
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