[Rhodes22-list] solar charge

S/V Lark Colealexander at hotmail.com
Sat Aug 31 21:26:05 EDT 2019

I replaced a panel and traced out the electrical this spring with help here.   
Not all boats are identical, so double check.  The tiny cells on the sides
by the pop top  hardly produce any current, .58 amp.    Nothing available
would produce much more when I checked, without requiring wings for
significantly larger size.  I bought a couple controllers recommended on
another site, which prevent overcharging (not likely) but more importantly
were usb jacks and a cheap way to show battery voltage.      The port solar
cell goes directly to the aft battery underneath it, and is not affected by
the power switch,    The starboard cell goes to the forward battery
directly,    I wired the controllers between the cells and the batteries,
one placed in the forward battery well and the other under the companionway
on that little shelf, convenient for my cell and hands free ear piece.   
This is also an obvious place for glasses and phone if overnighting.      

These may be one of the few things on amazon that work.  

Hope it helps.


Alex Cole
S/V Lark
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