[Rhodes22-list] Update on IMF outhaul/furling running rigging changes made over the winter

Peter Nyberg peter at sunnybeeches.com
Mon Dec 6 11:09:42 EST 2021


The exit block I used was a 'Harken 29mm Thru-Deck Bullet Block' (Harken model #287, Defender item #604915).  This mounts to the boom with a screw or bolt at each end.  I made a new slot in the boom for it because the existing slot was too long.

The blocks at the mast were sized for 1/4" line.

Peter Nyberg
Coventry, CT
s/v Silverheels (1988/2016)

> On 2021-12-06, at 09:43:46 EST, Reuben Mezrich wrote:
> Jesse
> I'm planning on making the same rigging changes you described for the furling 
> and unfurling lines and have a few questions. 
> Peter Nyborg cut a new hole in the underside of the boom to place an exit block 
> for the furling line. Did you do that or just add an exit block to the hole 
> that's already there (which would be my preferred approach) Do you remember 
> which exit block you used? 
> Do you remember what size blocks you used, both for the lines coming along the 
> mast and then at the base of the mast? 
> Thanks in advance
> --Reuben
> Reuben Mezrich
> Pelican Cove in Sarasota and Back Bay, Boston
> Cell: 410-499-8922

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