[Rhodes22-list] New Rhodes owners in Omaha

Scott Andrews sea20 at verizon.net
Tue Dec 21 11:09:08 EST 2021

Greetings Dave, sounds like a great Christmas delivery. I towed my 86’ home from Stan’s last November and had the greatest summer ever. The support from the list and Stan is hard to beat. 
Scott & Rebecca NERYC

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> On Dec 21, 2021, at 12:39 AM, Larry Gioia viaRhodes22-list <rhodes22-list at rhodes22.org> wrote:
> Dave, Paula,
> Congrats on the boat and on joining an incredibly positive, welcoming, & knowledgeable email list. In a world of politics & covid, it’s nice to be part of a community of fun people who share sailing stories, how-to tips, & maintenance projects.     
> I also have an ‘86 here in Tampa & a ‘14 in upstate NY.  If Peter, Roger, & others on this list looked over my ‘86 they’d quickly have a long list of items that need doing but it sails just fine on a small lake here - someday I’ll get to those items. 
> Before the 2 Rhodes I also had one of Jopie Helsen’s sailboats - it was a Montego 19. Loved it but no roller-furling jib & no inner-furling main, significant time-savers as  I often only have an hour or 2 to sail. I had lunch with Jopie in St Pete back in 2012 or so - what a great guy. His dad & uncles were wooden-boat builders in the Netherlands (Flying Dutchman I think), but Jopie saw that fiberglass was the future after coming to the US in the 60s, and made it happen. 
> A pic from last Saturday afternoon on my ‘86 is below, I know we all agree this is what it’s all about. 
> Larry
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>> On Dec 20, 2021, at 7:41 PM, Jesse Shumaker <jesse.laten.shumaker at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Welcome Dave, looking forward to seeing your R22 in the water at Lake
>> Manawa in the spring!
>>> On Mon, Dec 20, 2021, 7:35 PM Tom Van Heule <
>>> tom.vanheule at intrinsicprograms.com> wrote:
>>> Welcome Dave!
>>> On Mon, Dec 20, 2021, 4:12 PM Chris Geankoplis <chrisgeankoplis at gmail.com>
>>> wrote:
>>>> Welcome to the list. You will love your boat!  Lots of fun planning over
>>>> the winter.
>>>> Chris Geankoplis
>>>> Enosis/Xenos
>>>> On Mon, Dec 20, 2021 at 10:43 AM Peter Nyberg <peter at sunnybeeches.com>
>>>> wrote:
>>>>> Dave,
>>>>> Congratulations on your new boat (and your excellent taste in boats),
>>> and
>>>>> welcome to the list.
>>>>> Peter Nyberg
>>>>> Coventry, CT
>>>>> s/v Silverheels (1988/2016)
>>>>>>> On 2021-12-20, at 00:40:12 EST, dlwelchne at yahoo.com wrote:
>>>>>>> All,
>>>>>>> What a pleasure to join this group. We are members with Jesse &
>>>>>> Corrie
>>>>>>> Shumaker of the Lake Manawa Sailing Association in Iowa.
>>>>>>> When I picked up my first very used cruiser (Helsen 20), Lake Manawa
>>>>>> folklore
>>>>>>> was that you shouldn’t drop anchor. Yet the Iowa DNR manual and DNR
>>>>>> staff
>>>>>>> affirmed you could. So I replaced the anchor light, got the boat
>>>>>> equipped, and
>>>>>>> started anchoring out. (bit.ly/dropping_anchor_deck) Others
>>> followed.
>>>>>> Paula and I were were impressed with Jesse’s Rhodes 22 research and
>>>>> thought why
>>>>>> bother reinventing the wheel? My wife is into the furling jib and
>>> main.
>>>>> As for
>>>>>> me, a little dry ice, a massive lazarette, an outboard with an
>>>>> alternator, and
>>>>>> my professional work that can be done entirely remotely. The
>>>> imagination
>>>>> runs
>>>>>> wild.
>>>>>> My first mistake was telling Jesse in the fall that we had decided to
>>>>> upgrade to
>>>>>> the Rhodes in the 2022 sailing season. A couple weeks after that Ken
>>>> and
>>>>> Ruth
>>>>>> Bates—Portage, Michigan—put their 1986 Rhodes on the market, Jesse
>>>>> alerted me (I
>>>>>> probably don’t need to tell you the guy’s a trouble maker). I
>>>>> immediately got on
>>>>>> the phone with the Bates, and was on the road within hours for the 2K
>>>>> round trip
>>>>>> drive. I came back with the boat and new friends.
>>>>>> Of course our 250K Honda Oddysey was short 1K towing weight for a
>>>> loaded
>>>>> Rhodes
>>>>>> & trailer. So my wife is now driving a loaded one owner Toyota
>>>>> Highlander
>>>>>> with 50K miles. That was the first of the presents we’ll be giving
>>> the
>>>>> boat all
>>>>>> winter and by far the most expensive.
>>>>>> Merry Christmas to you all.
>>>>>> Dave - s/v <a href="
>>> http://rhodes22.org/mailman/listinfo/rhodes22-list
>>>> ">Knot
>>>>> at
>>>>>> Work</a> (to be renamed)

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