[Rhodes22-list] Nav software for iPad?

James Nichols jfn302 at yahoo.com
Thu Dec 26 02:39:25 EST 2013

Heya Chris,

Nice to hear Santa was so kind to you this year.  As for the chart.  Yes, Garmin only sells a license to use the chart on one device.  So it's not like a paper chart you can move from one chart roll to the next and expect that you can still read it.  To get the chart on your iPad you will have to pay Garmin for it again.

As for the case, there was a review done recently in Sail Magazine.  I'll have to see which cases were decided to be the best, but I am pretty sure that Lifeproof was one of them.

There was another that they liked a lot as well for both price and it's "bonus" feature.  It was essentially a really heavy duty water proof pouch that you could see through and allowed touch screens to work through it.  The bonus feature was that you could give your iPad positive floatation just by adding some air to the pouch.  Its only draw back was that it didn't protect the iPad very well from banging around, the Lifeproof box did that the best.

Have fun!


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