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Wickman, William E WEWickman at spectraenergy.com
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I have the same configuration as you and can attest that it is factory original.  I think that Stan has experimented with different pintle/gundgeon arrangements over the years so there are several variations out there.  My rudder pintles/gundgeons were originally made of the same plastic material as the rudder head (believe it or not).  It failed during a trip to the Outer Banks due to a set screw tearing out (basically, the plastic was too soft to be used for the purpose of attaching the rudder to the boat during heavy weather sailing).  I think only a few boats were built with the plastic system and I think Stan subsequently abandoned them when they proved not to be durable enough (just my guess).  Anyway, after the failure I sent the rudder head assembly to Stan and he replaced it with the stainless steel tubes that you have along with the same fittings you have mounted on your transom. 

I have put a lot of miles on my current system (same as yours) and have not experienced any of the wear that you have shown and the holes are uniform and perfectly aligned.  I suspect that there was some defect in drilling of the holes in the stainless tubes that caused them to be mis-aligned or mis-sized.  It also appears in one of your photos that one of the holes was countersunk?  I would recommend that you send either the tubes back to Edenton, or the rudder head and have it refitted.  You might also want to check the alignment of the gundgeon fittings on your transom to make sure they are aligned perpendicular. If they are not, that could explain why you are not able sail straight (after eliminating alcohol as the cause :) .

Having a rudder fail is no fun, and it is important that it is installed properly so I would think you should replace the parts instead of trying to repair them.

Bill W.
s/v Fina Lee

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Since we're discussing this, I took a few more photos last night.  If you compare the photo that Rummy posted of the top part of his rudder assembly (below) to mine (attachment), they are basically the same shape, but made of different materials and constructed differently.  The attachment system to the boat is entirely different. The second attachment shows the hardware that is used to attach to the mounting brackets on the transom, which are not pintles.  Makes me wonder if mine is reconstructed.  Anyone else's look anything like mine?  Mines got the adjustment clutch for the control line, so when I looked at the boat I assumed it was original equipment and didn't look at the other details.


for another piece of evidence that this boat motor took a hard whack at some point, I had noticed that the motor lock did not function.  Took it apart last night and found out way.  the final attachment shows the latch for the motor lock and it is quite evident that one of the tabs is bent.  Nice thing about this part is the replacement is only $12. - rob

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