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Hi all,
Just a comment about 8hp vs 9.8hp 4 stroke outboards. Many brands
including, IIRC, the Honda and definitely the Tohatsu/Nissan 8hp engines
weigh the same as the 9.9 engines and have the same displacement. The 8hp
engines may get a bit better gas mileage compared to the 9.9hp engines but
given the same weights I'd go for more hp even though they cost ~$200 more.
Just my 2 cents worth.

Warmest regards,

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I bought online using internetoutboards.com. I bought a 2013 9.8hp Tohatsu
20 inch electric start ( bad shoulder ) and she runs like a champ. I think
I'd buy an 8 hp if I had to do it again.

I have not heard of that company.


Jax, FL

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