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Thu Aug 4 15:12:42 EDT 2016

Mark, I am impressed by your engineering skills. congratulations.   Plan to
circle back to this thread when my boat comes out of the water in order to
figure out how to support her better.

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> I followed the measurements - with the correction and everything worked
> out perfectly.  I did make one modification - I made the bunks swivel a few
> degrees.  I did this by making a heavy bracket and making oversized holes.
> The trailer fit the boat perfectly; like a glove.  We hauled the boat from
> Port Jefferson Long Island to Nyack New York and had no issues.
> It wasn't a long haul but there was a lot of traffic, lots of pot holes
> and most of the roads don't have a place to pull over if you break down.  I
> was also glad I put new brakes on.  We did need them a couple times.  I
> replaced the hydraulic ones - I didn't do electric.
> I made the bunks 140" long and didn't have any denting of the hull.
> Thanks very much everyone for your help.
> Mark Olson
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