[Rhodes22-list] Thinking Ahead

Stan Spitzer stan at rhodes22.com
Wed Aug 10 20:17:11 EDT 2016

To Joe and co-early Rhodies, of course the Rhodes was not made in a 
day.   However, if I have really reached 90, then it has been a long 
time since the diamond board direct pull has been standard. Other than 
for a poor dead eel, to my knowledge no other diamond board pennant snag 
has been sighted.

New Rhodes anyone?  How long do you founding buyers expect me to wait.


On 8/10/16 7:48 PM, Joe Camp via Rhodes22-list wrote:
> Hello fellow R-22 Sailors:
>       I have had problems with the pennant fro my centerboard lift:  Sometimes works. Other times, jams when lowering.  I want to take it all apart after the season, and I realized that in order to gain access to the blocks beneath the companionway step, I need to remove the entire setee.  The lazy fixer in me says that I should be able to make a cut that makes it easy to remove only the step portion to get to the enclosure for the blocks which is on the keel line.  Can I do this?  I have fished the list without success.  I can't believe that Stan would not have made this access easier... unless there were a reason not to do so.  Tell me what I don't know.
>       Can I make this renegade cut, right about the edge of the cushion, and make the step into the cabin its own removable piece?  This way, I could see what's mucking up my block and tackle.  There is also a school of thought that  says, "you don't need the block & tackle, as the center board is only seventy pounds." WHAT ABOUT THAT?  Thanks y'all.
> Joe Camp
> s/v John Dawson
> Bohemia River, MD
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