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Aha!  Taking a look forthwith. Thanks Mike.

On Sunday, August 28, 2016, Michael D. Weisner <mweisner at ebsmed.com> wrote:

> Jay,
> Are you sure that you have the CDI not the GBI furler?  The CDI uses a
> "messenger line" style halyard to raise the sail permitting interchanging
> sails without dropping the mast or using a bosun. See the manual in our
> archives at:
> www.rhodes22.org/doclib/CDI-FlexibleFurlerModel2-Manual.pdf
> The archives also have a thread on the halyard replacement at:
> http://www.rhodes22.org/pipermail/rhodes22-list/2015-March/077310.html
> A short thread on the benefits of the CDI vs. the GBI is at::
> http://www.rhodes22.org/pipermail/rhodes22-list/2004-February/012464.html
> Mike
> s/v Wind Lass  ('91)
> Nissequogue River, NY
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> Live and learn.
> This past week while Hudson River sailing with a non responsive outboard
> (another story) we were surprised to witness our jib sliding down its
> furler.  The canvass loop at the head of the sail that attached it to its
> halyard's shackle had failed. We removed the sail from the furler and sent
> it to the sail maker, who said that the loop was unprotected from the sun's
> UV radiation even as the rest of the furled sail was protected by a cover.
> He replaced it and returned it.
> Now the question:
> It appears that I only need to place the bolt of the sail into the slot of
> the furler (near the deck) and slide it up toward the mast head and there
> attach it to the shackle that's remains there. The deck end of the halyard
> is then tightened around a cleat beside the drum as is the tack of the
> sail.
> Is that right?  (I'll be using a bosun's chair.) Ordinarily a jib halyard
> is
> lowered to deck level, attached to the head of the sail, and the sail then
> raised and the line secured on deck or on the mast. The CDI furler doesn't
> seem to work that way?  I purchased the boat used with its furler and
> foresail already installed so I'm totally unfamiliar with how it works.
> Jay Marshall Weiss
> Poughkeepsie, NY
> 1998 R-22
> Hanalei
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