Friends of the Rhodes 22

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Stan Spitzer relaxing
on Chickiebabe's 
shakedown cruise

Photographer Bill Moe at
Fretnaught's helm

8 people in the cockpit!
Extra large version

John, Nell, and Robin at Kentucky Lake. Extra large version

Doug and Anne at Kentucky Lake

Alex, John, Doug, and Nell fixing breakfast

Delivery of Michael Meltzer's boat

Tiller Pilot, the lazy sailor's friend

Kentucky lake crew with ChickieBabe and New Song

KY lake gathering, and John & Nell Ward in the dinghy

Robin Thomas on Fretnaught

Bill Gallant

Bill Gallant folding the pop top enclosure

Saroj and Anne on ChickieBabe at Kentucky Lake

Pamela and Rummy at Rummy's summer cottage

Rummy and Alex at Rummy's summer cottage

Gary Sanford on Raven

Elton Spitzer and Pamela Vana

Glen and Doreen Barrera

Pamela Vana and Alex Bell


Ron and Mary

The Sandbergs

Roger Pihlaja and Ken Mild on L. Michigan

Dynamic Equilibrium (and Pihlaja crew)

Rhowdy Rhodies

Elton & Stan Spitzer

Nell Ward and Robin Thomas

Robin, Nell, and John

Doug Gardner & Robin Thomas

Nell, Doug, & John

John Ward, New Song

Steve Little, Vista Jay

Steve Little

Steve Little

Jim Hartig

Jim & Linda Hartig

John Ward and friends testing the inflatable PFD

Alex Bell, Blew Daze

Pamela Vana, Blew Daze

2001 LIS Claim Bake

2001 LIS Claim Bake

2001 LIS Claim Bake

2001 LIS Claim Bake

2001 LIS Claim Bake

Lloyd Crowther sailing UHURU II on Chesapeake Bay
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