Pictures of the Rhodes 22

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Spinnaker, main and Genoa set on Fretnaught
(Photo by Bill Moe)

Spinnaker and main on Fretnaught
(Photo by Bill Moe)

Rum Runner at anchor

Rum Runner wing-on-wing

Gary Sanford's Raven with her spinnaker set

An unknown captain demonstrating the pull required to operate the centerboard on a (now) vintage Rhodes.  Note the sale price on this boat show boat!  (Photo courtesy of General Boats)

Standard main Rhodes (a Continental?). Does anyone recognize the crew? (Photo courtesy of General Boats)

Rhodes 22 in her slip at a boat show (Photo courtesy of General Boats)

Tom and Paul Gottemoller on Pax

ChickieBabe at Kentucky Lake
Extra large version

Blew Daze and New Song on Kentucky Lake

ChickieBabe and Blew Daze in light air on Kentucky Lake

ChickieBabe and Blew Daze

Blew Daze, ChickieBabe, and a barge!

New Song, and Blew Daze, taken from ChickieBabe

Blew Daze and ChickieBabe

ChickieBabe, Blew Daze, New Song, and crew rafted at Kentucky Lake

Kentucky Lake raft up

Kentucky Lake raft up

Rum Runner doing a fly-by

Rum Runner motoring to the marina 

Far Niente (Dan Hope) motoring to the marina

Dynamic Equilibrium under full sail, Roger Pihlaja

Dynamic Equilibrium reefed, Lake Ouchita, AR

Roger, Daniel & Gary with spinnaker, Lake Dardanelle AR. 775x900 pixel version

Fretnaught in Winter, Doug Gardner & Robin Thomas


Dynamic Equilibrium at anchor off Garden Island

NewSong, John & Nell Ward


Vista Jay, Steve Little

Vista Jay

Vista Jay

Fretless, Fred Kaiser & Mary Lou Troy


Raven, Gary Sanford


The Picnic 17, Stan's boat before the Rhodes22
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