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The Rhodes 22 Owner’s Group Mailing List


CHARTER: Refer to the Rhodes 22 Owner's Group Mailing List Charter, below, for more detailed information about the list.

ACCOUNT MAINTENANCE: To subscribe, unsubscribe, change your delivery options, recover a lost password, temporarily disable/enable your account, maintain dual email addresses, etc., go to /mailman/listinfo/rhodes22-list

POSTING: You must be subscribed to the list to post messages. Once you have subscribed, sending mail to rhodes22-list@rhodes22.org will distribute it to all the members of the mailing list.

ATTACHMENTS: You may include certain attachments to your messages. Most image files and plain text files will be accepted as well as PDF files. Other file types will be stripped out of the message before posting. Maximum message size is about 3.5Mb (+/-). That can be one big attachment or several smaller ones. Please be considerate of the list members and prepare your images as if for a website. Use the most JPEG compression you can on them (i.e. lowest "quality" setting) without degrading quality.

REPLYING: When replying to a post, you should make a point of replying at the top of the message. Also, it's a good practice to remove all but the most relevant quoted text in your reply. This keeps messages smaller, for easy reading, and makes archive searches more efficient because there is less duplicated material.

ARCHIVES: The archives are available in a variety of viewing options at /mailman/listinfo/rhodes22-list.

PROBLEMS: If you have ANY problems related to the Rhodes22.Org Discussion List, *please* do not post them to the list! Send a support request message to rhodes22-list-admin@rhodes22.org instead.

ETIQUETTE: Please try to use a descriptive “Subject:” line. Please identify yourself in the body of your message. Please play nice. If you can’t play nice you may be asked to leave.



Links of interest to Rhodes 22 owners, fans, and wannabes


Rhodes 22 Owners Group: http://www.rhodes22.org

Rhodes 22 FAQ: http://www.rhodes22.org/blew_skies/topics.html

General Boats: http://www.rhodes22.com


The Rhodes 22 Owner’s Group Mailing List Charter

Welcome to the Rhodes 22 Owner’s Group Mailing List. This list is open to everyone with an interest in Rhodes Sailboats. It is an automated email distribution list where messages addressed to the list are copied to every list member's mailbox. Traffic varies from one to 40 messages a day.

The list is maintained by rhodes22.org as a courtesy to Rhodes Sailboats Fans worldwide. It is hoped that the list will promote discussion about Rhodes Sailboats and provide members with a means of sharing their interests and experiences.

CHARTER: rhodes22-list@rhodes22.org

The rhodes22-list@rhodes22.org group will be open to discussion of all subjects specifically referring to Rhodes sailboats or, Rhodes sailors. The focus of this group includes, but is not limited to:

* Encouraging the understanding and discussion of Rhodes sailboats or Rhodes sailors, in the many ways people wish to define them.

* Acting as a source of information for Rhodes sailboats or Rhodes sailors worldwide and for people planning to buy/sell/repair/learn about Rhodes sailboats or Rhodes sailors.

* Providing a forum for the development and promotion Rhodes sailboats or Rhodes sailors' culture, history, traditions and economy.

* Any other subject that might be found at a sailor's bar or the clubhouse bar, including, Rhodes sailboats or Rhodes sailors' travels, events, family, jokes, quotations, pets, etc.

* The level of discussion does not have to be fit for a child, but some good taste is expected.


Binaries and Formatting:

Attaching images (tif, jpg, gif) to an email is acceptable. Our server will convert these to a web link



Please use mixed case when posting (Upper and lower case letters), typing words in uppercase means you are SHOUTING.

Place new material at the top of the post and quote what you are replying to below. That makes it simple to find out what is being said. You are encouraged to edit down the quoted material.

HTML mail:
A lot of the email programs (Netscape and Outlook among others) can send their email with embedded HTML. Embedded HTML can cause some of the list members to have trouble reading their mail due to "browser wars", not reading their mail with a web browser and double messages in digest mode. Members are encouraged to set their programs to send "plain text" email.

Subject Line:

Please set or change the subject line to reflect the true subject of the post. For example, "Subject: anchors" might be turned into "Subject: gas tank was anchors". If a joke (or any questionable material) is being posted please indicate it on the subject line. For example, "Subject: Monday's Humor (jokes)"

Posts to the group are expected to be considerate of other readers. Personal abuse, flames, and obscenities are *not* appreciated; but we are sailors.......

Anonymous email:
It is expected that users will provide their name in the email and will sign same.  We like to know to whom we are talking.

Social Interaction/Manners:
To a certain extent, the interaction is about what you would expect in any informal social setting, for example, a bar.  It is recommended that you get to know people first and introduce yourself (about the same social rules that you would use to meet any new group of people). There is a high level of chitchat on the list, and what you might think is insulting to a group or region might only be people kidding each other after knowing each other for years.  As in any bar, the subjects of politics and religion can lead to heated augments and bar fights. These might be best avoided.

The need to participate:
It is recognized that a group is only whoever posts to it, no more and no less. We can only talk about what people post about. You earn respect on the list by your postings and trying to help each other, you cannot demand it. Most sailing topics we have talked about at one time or another already, we chit chat in the mean time, waiting to answer questions or for a new subject/story.  If you want to know something, please post it, the more detail the better. If someone is trying to help you please answer their reasonable questions. If you can help someone, again, post it. Try to repay the knowledge you may have gained.


Thank You,

The Members of the Rhodes 22 Owner’s Group